S. K. Mahavir Mall, Somajiguda Road

This prestigious project has been planned according to the best vastu principles. All the principles have been implemented Stage by like
  • Topography of the site
  • Preparation of the site
  • Correction of the site
  • Locating the building proper
  • Creating proper cellar area for parking
  • Entry and Exit points
  • Giving strength to each zone and creating proper shapes.
The inherent quality of the plot is the Entry point from the main somajiguda road is in the North - Earth. The plot has a natural extension of site towards North -East North. There is a definite cut of North - East East which has been overcome by properly demarcating the building and the open areas connected with it. The site has South-West West extension and also South-West South extension. A 90 degree perpendicular line has been created in the South-West corner and the remaining areas has been elevated to create pleasing greenery and vastu wise highest level in that area.

The levels have been fixed as per the vastu principles. The South-West of the plot has been taken as the HIGHEST. The South -East zone is created as HIGH.The North-West zone is created as LOW and the North-East zone is the LOWEST. The natural positive aspect of the site is to have the North-West West road hit which gives good strength to his powerful commercial establishment. The defined site is a perfect rectangle with extension to North-East only. Greenery has been created in the South-East zone to boost the financial prosperities of the clients.The main entries are created in perfect North-East zone. the central portion of the building is created as atrium which can enhance the vastu strength of entire complex.

Detailed planning has gone into designing of the building by creating the toilets in the North-West zone and the heavy staircases designed in the South-West regions or western regions. To give extra -ordinary strength to layout, the biggest hall is planned in the South-West of the building.

The entire building has been designed as a perfect rectangle which draws the cosmic strength as per the vastu principles. With the central corridor from East to West all the shops have been designed South or North facing only.intricate internal requirements of each shop have also been looked into from the vastu angle. The shape of each shop is a perfect rectangle or a square. The entrances and the requirements of interiors have been created with careful vastu considerations like AC units being planned either in South -East or in North-West. The movement from the mall for the customers shall be form West to East which enhances the positive strength.

The stilt floor and the basement have been perfectly designed to create North - East extensions to the available areas water, the life source has been designed in the North - East zone of the building in the basement floor as underground water tank. The main overhead water tanks have been created, to add weight and strength to the building, at South - West of the building.

Introduction of Vastu Praveena V.Ramakrishna Rao
Vastu Praveena' V. Ramakrishna Rao is an exponent of ancient and modern vastu principles. He is an expert dealing with the modern construction methodologies and ancient vastu principles to bring out the best product. He is conversant of the modern trends in Architectural Engineering elevations, landscaping,interiors and utility planning apart from the intricacies of materials structurals, airflows and the solar movement for getting the comforts from the nature abiding the age old principles with the latest building requirements.
An engineer by qualification, he has an in depth knowledge in vastu, numerology, astrology, gemology, color therapy, dowsing systems and many related topics of vastu.

He is practicing since 27 years with implementation and feedback methodology. He is the only vastu specialist in the country who gives a full fledged report containing all the details from starting of the project till the completion.

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